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Andropenis Gold Standard Package Inclusions


Andropenis Gold 33 Piece standard kit:


Our Andropenis Gold standard kit is good for up to 2 inch increase in length, 0.75 inch increase in girth & 40% curvature correction. Please see further below for more comprehensive packages.

  • 1x Andropenis Gold Penis Enlargement Device – Suitable for men currently between 2 to 10 inches in length.
  • 2x Andropenis silicone tubes – Used to fasten the penis to the device
  • 2x New Andropenis comfort tubes – As above but with a flattened portion for greatly increased comfort
  • 2x Andropenis Silicone Rings – Used around the base of the glans (head) for greater comfort
  • 2x Standard Foam Tubes – Silicone tubes are placed through these for comfort
  • 2x Androcomfort Foam Tubes – Used with the Androcomfort tubes for much greater comfort
  • 1x Instruction Manual Booklet
  • 1x Instruction CD manual
  • Penis enlargement extension rods – capable of enlarging from 2 up to 10 inches. (11.25 for comfort and platinum kits)







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Andropenis Gold Standard


Gold package pictured below


Suitable to promote up to 2 inch increase in length + 0.75 inch in girth + 40% curvature correction – only $249.00


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Andropenis Comfort Package


Comfort package pictured below


Suitable to promote up to 3 inch increase in length + 1 inch in girth + 50% curvature correction – only $299.95


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Andropenis Gold Premium

Premium package pictured below


Suitable to promote up to 4 inch increase in length + 1.4 inch in girth + 70% curvature correction – only $349.95


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Andropenis Spare Parts and Accessories


Andropenis Comfort Kit

4x Androcomfort silicone bands

4x Androcomfort foam pads

4x Androsilicone rings

Only $69.95

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We stock the full range of Andropenis spare parts and accessories. Contact us for individual pricing and bulk discounts. Protection Status