Andro Australia


(New update 01/06/2021)- We no longer promote or endorse the Andro Penile Device.


Was Not Registered under Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) between periods in 2019 (?) to 2021 (13 May). The manufacturer did not openly share the dates as we requested.

Therefore, Was Not Legally Permitted to be Sold or advertised in Australia during that time.

Having over 10 years of experience in the Male Enhancement industry for our customers safety and peace of mind we recommend all Australian Men do their research about the importance of a penile traction device being TGA Registered



Welcome to the ex Andro Official Australian website. We used to be the LARGEST Australian supplier of this brand but can no longer recommend the product to Australians due to the Manufacturer imposing unethical obligations upon resellers. Despite the product no longer being registered with the TGA at sometime in 2019, the manufacturer pressed on and demanded we buy a huge amount of units, or face website deletion. This forceful tactic being so unethical and unprofessional, demands that the public be made aware of what type of company they would be supporting, if considering to purchase an Andro device. We have been threatened with defamation for sharing this information. We have attempted to communicate with the manufacturer about this issue recently but they have not responded to our requests. This website will remain for informational purposes.



Use of a Penis Extender


Penis Extenders can be used as part of a penile traction therapy routine for a number of reasons. A genuine penis extender is made to specific medical grade specifications and the most effective in our view will allow the user to know exactly what tension he’s using at – this is something that the Andro does not offer. At not time does the user have a proper gauge of what tension is being applied to the penis shaft.



It is with great regret we no longer endorse the sale or use of the Andro product.




Penis Enlargement


Research shows 9 out of 10 men aren’t happy with the size or shape of their penis. Before the first penis extender (the Jes Extender) was released in Denmark in 1994, and also the second traction device in Spain in 1995 (the Andro), surgery was the only proven method of penis enlargement, Peyronie’s disease treatment and curvature correction. A proper made penis extender that operates within the range of 900 to 1500 grams is designed to promote natural penis growth giving significant increases in penis size within a matter of months. View our information page to read more about how Andro works.


Penile enlargement via traction works because it is based on science and natural biology. The Andro brand holds many worldwide health registrations in; United States, Canada, UK, Spain, Greece, France (but no longer in Australia). Many men try products such as pills, patches, pumps or sprays with no results, however none of those gimmicks have any certifications, scientific or medical proof.


Based on the proven medical principle of traction, the Andro penile extender works by encouraging natural penis growth, namely by gently lengthening the Suspensory ligament which decides a man’s genital length (same ligament cut in penis enlargement surgery). It also promotes cell division and growth in the corpus cavernosum, the two main chambers of the penile shaft which decides girth and width. To summarise, Andro promotes penile growth in length and girth. Increased penis size is normally noticed when both flaccid and erect.


Andro penile enlarger is simple to use and comes with full instructions.  Gains in penis size of approximately 30% in penis length and girth within 6 months has been proven in penile traction studies.



Beware Of Cheaply Made Products. Andros medical is now reportedly Made In Europe Again.


In recent years, packaging on the Andro appear to have indicated the product was made in China. This has now potentially been fixed as the manufacturer are claiming the products are made in Europe. Be weary of the many imitation brands based in the U.S who get their products made for next to nothing in China on mass production lines. These imitators use the credentials, studies and results of legitimate products to trick consumers into believing they are selling genuine products. You can read more about this on our penis extender warning page.

Andro was once one of the most highly accredited penile traction devices available and has been successfully proven and used for a variety of penile enhancement reasons. Once we hear back we’ll be sure to update this section. We are asking the manufacturer for further information.

It is with great regret we no longer endorse the sale or use of the Andro product.



Penis Enlargement Results


To promote the most optimal penis enlargement, it comes down to how much you want to put in for the penile growth you want.  Men who are happy to gain more slowly, can use whenever the time is found i.e. on weekends. All penis extender and penile enlargement results are based on overall use meaning the more time you put in, the more traction can help to promote the penis growth you want to achieve. Regular use is important to promote the best possible results.



UPDATE 01/06/2021: Andro Penile Device was not registered with the Australian TGA between sometime in 2019 and 13 may 2021. It was therefore not legally sold in Australia during those times. Protection Status