Imitation Penis Extenders

Since the Andropenis Gold penis extender was released over 20 years ago, there’s been a huge number of imitation penis enhancement devices. To this day only two penis extenders are genuinely made to correct medical specifications which promotes optimal penis enlargement results. All others are effectively copies and counterfeits of the two original products. Let’s face it, when a man is considering to use something on the penis to promote new penis growth, or to help straighten a curved penis, he should make sure the product has been properly tested and is actually proven to work. Men who think all traction based penis extenders are made equally – will be in for a big lesson to learn and will waste many months of time. We hear of men complaining everyday about low quality, warranty, usage and slow performance issues from using products like Sizegenetics, FastSize, X4 labs, Proextender etc. One very easy hallmark of imitation penis extenders is the hype they spin which is not backed by clinical testing or true research. Any brand that advertises using at more than 1500 grams of tension to be safe or effective should be asked for direct proof of that statement.

Legitimate Penis Extenders

There are only two penis enlargement devices that have been able to obtain Australian TGA registration as class 1 medical devices, and there is a very good reason for this. If products are not backed with real medical documentation or clinical studies to prove they work, they will not get approved to be legally sold to the public. Andropenis is a scientifically designed and proven penis extender. Visit our penis enlargement information page to read more.

The manufacturers of Andropenis Gold hold various patents for this design of Penile Extender. The Andropenis Gold and Jes Extender are the only two penis extenders in the world that have proven themselves enough to get listed under the Australian TGA. Australian standards for medical grade devices are one of the highest in the world.

Medical Grade Penis Extenders

The makers of Andropenis Gold are a medically based company geared towards natural male enhancement and originally underwent 10 years of clinical trials, scientific & medical research before releasing the Andropenis extender. We fully back our products & have the history & documentation to prove it. The Andropenis 24 karat Gold shaft eliminates any possible allergic reactions unlike other cheap brass imitations available, the entire device is made to top medical grade specifications and is manufactured by a true medical company. Imitations outsource to China to cut down on costs which inevitably means cutting down on quality and potentially putting consumer’s safety at risk. Please be weary of catchy named devices and companies out there. A catchy name or fancy website does not mean a good quality, safe or effective device.

Low Quality Extenders by Low Quality Companies

One way to test these copycat companies is to ask for the TGA ID number for their products. Any medical grade penis enhancement device such as a penis extender needs to be registered under the TGA in order to be approved for sale to Australian residents. Generally, when men have fallen for the hype of imitation products they complain about low quality devices that break after a few weeks, or give certain skin irritations or rashes caused by the materials not being of a genuine medical grade which means it’s not safe for prolonged skin contact. Very poor customer service and warranty processing is also very characteristic of companies who sell poorly made products, they usually give canned and incomplete responses which can be very frustrating for a man using a penis extender.


Andropenis is one of only two penis extender devices available that is legally permitted to be sold in Australia & to Australian residents. The TGA is Australia’s strict governing body that regulates & permits the sale of any health supplement or medical grade device such as a penis extension device. Andropenis also holds worldwide ISO and CE standards as well as Russian & Taiwanese health certificates, Canadian CMDCAS,  American FDA registration among many others. If you are looking for a high quality penis extender that promotes optimal penis enhancement results, look no further, you just found the Andropenis Gold.