Penile Curvature Correction


Peyronie’s disease & penis curvature affects a small amount of males & can be uncomfortable to live with. Whether you have penis curvature which curves to the left, right, up, or down it matters not. The Andropenis Gold can correct it safely & effectively. The Andropenis Gold is the only approved Peyronie’s disease treatment other than penis corrective surgery within Australia. That means no other product in the world has passed Australia’s strict health & safety standards for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease or penis curvature correction.

Peyronie’s disease can be a painful condition of the penis and can affect males of all ages & races. Usually Peyronie’s disease is seen as a bend or curve in the penis that has an angle of 45 degrees or more. It is quite normal to have slight penis curvature, although if it is very curved or if it hurts when getting an erection, during sexual intercourse or when urinating then you may have Peyronie’s disease.

Andropenis is scientifically designed & medically backed to treat Peyronie’s disease, penis curvature correction, Chordee & congenital curvature. Penis curvature correction of up to 70% over 6 months is quite normal. Depending on the amount of penis curvature that needs to be corrected, users may need to use it for less than 6 months.

There are two main causes of a bent or curved penis; by being born with it or by injury. Even masturbating the same way for many years can create penis curvature to the point of needing correction. There are three chambers within the penis, the main two along the top are called the corpus cavernosa. These chambers bring blood into the penis & decide the girth (thickness) of your penis. The chamber along the bottom of the penis shaft holds the urethra for urination. When injured, the fine elastic tissue that covers these chambers can become hard. This scarring is also called plaque & can form hard fibrocystic tissue that causes the soft & erect penis to get pulled, resulting in a curved penis. Sadly, this can be off putting to your partner and can strain the relationship if it makes sex something you or they think badly about.

Peyronie's disease diagram


Using the Andropenis Gold to correct penis curvature will also naturally put strength back into your penis you may have lost since you were a teen. Regular use has been proven to correct a bent or curved penis by encouraging new and straight growth within the penis resulting in enlargement of the penis & this is achieved safely due to the natural principle of traction. Andropenis penis extender is medically backed and is a proven Peyronie’s disease treatment, which is the more severe form of penis curvature. The Andropenis slowly extends the penis, pulling apart the cells causing them to divide and form new cells. This increases the length & enlarges the girth of the penis. It also reduces most types of penis curvature while also giving you more control and strength in your penis.

If a bigger or straighter penis isn’t enough, we’ve also had feedback from users that E.D & impotence have been reversed after only a few weeks of Andropenis peyronie’s disease treatment. Andropenis users report their erection quality is much better as they not only have bigger erections but they are also harder & can have longer lasting sex. This can be very good in helping those with male premature ejaculation problems and those that finish too early.